AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 Digital Data Technologies, Inc.


The Merge geoprocessing tool allows two or more vector map layers to be merged into a single new shapefile. They original input map data is not effected. The input map data layers must all contain the same geometry type (i.e., it is not possible to merge a point layer and a polygon layer into a single shapefile).

Steps To Merge Multiple Layers

  1. Click on the Tools menu.
  2. Click on the Geoprocessing option. The Geoprocessing dialog will be displayed.
  3. Click on the Merge tab.
  4. Select two or more layers from the Select Layers To Be Merged List by holding down the control key and clicking on the layers.
  5. Choose the layer that will provide the attribute schema for the output file. Fields that exist in layers that are not in the schema will be dropped.
  6. Click the Browse button to select a name and location for the destination shapefile.
  7. Click the Commit button.
  8. After the Merge is complete, click Yes to add the new merged shapefile to the map project. To contimue without adding the new merged shapefile click No.