AccuGlobe Mobile Command Center

AccuGlobe Mobile Command Center

AccuGlobe Mobile Command Center + AVL

A powerful combination.

AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) software provides a feed of real-time asset information at any time — while on the scene, on a routine patrol or in a high-speed chase. Its website counterpart AccuGlobe Mobile Command Center empowers users to view the location and track the path of any active unit — placing them at the scene of any emergency.

DDTI is pleased to share this library of video tutorials designed to help you unleash the power of Mobile Command Center and fully understand its capabilities. The featured video below is one of a dozen available to you simply by clicking "More Videos" at the bottom of the page.

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Featured Training Video

Running the Daily Summary Report.

Learn how to create a summary report based on a date range and a unit list. The Daily Summary Report displays the unit name, number, max speed, average speed, time elapsed, travel time, idle time, and mileage per day for each unit.