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1 minute, 35 seconds

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1 minute, 38 seconds


3 minutes, 55 seconds

Discover how to see unit locations in the map and how to get unit information about a vehicle. This tutorial also describes how to zoom and pan in the map, as well as how to choose specific units for viewing and how to track a specific unit.

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5 minutes, 47 seconds

Learn how to view the historical locations of units based on several different parameters such as timeframe, agency, and unit name. Exporting the history file into shapefile format or CSV is also covered.

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5 minutes, 18 seconds

Annotations are mark-up layers a user can add to provide additional information about a location on the map. This tutorial will teach you how to create, edit, and delete these map features.

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5 minutes, 14 seconds

Geofences are polygon layers used to restrict unit locations. They can be used along with notifications (see video below) to alert users when a unit has entered or left a user-defined boundary. In this tutorial we create a Geofence around a hospital.

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3 minutes, 25 seconds

Create rules that trigger notifications when certain criteria are met by specific units. In addition to being displayed on the MCC website, notifications can be sent to specified users via email or text message. This tutorial will teach you how to create, edit, and delete notifications.

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2 minutes, 27 seconds

Discover how to adjust several application-wide settings, such as changing the "breadcrumbs" lifespan and modifying label behavior. Breadcrumbs are used to display the recent GPS trail of a particular unit.

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Daily Summary Report

2 minutes, 10 seconds

Learn how to create a summary report based on a date range and a unit list. The Daily Summary Report displays the unit name, number, max speed, average speed, time elapsed, travel time, idle time, and mileage per day for each unit.

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Idle Vehicle Report

2 minutes, 17 seconds

See how The Idle Vehicle Report queries the database for all locations where a unit was idle for a specified amount of time within the report date range. For each idle location, the report displays a thumbnail image of the location on the map as well as the time range and duration that the unit was at the location. This tutorial will show you how to create an idle report based on a date range, idle duration, and a unit list.

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Adding Units

2 minutes, 55 seconds

Adding Users

2 minutes, 32 seconds

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