Extensions vs. Plugins

AccuGlobe 2007

What's the Difference Between an AccuGlobe Desktop Extension and a Plugin?

The primary difference lies within the way AccuGlobe Desktop handles extensions and plugins.

An extension is loaded when AccuGlobe Desktop first starts, and only a single extension can be loaded at any given time. An extension is a custom built application integrated on top of AccuGlobe Desktop adding the functionality that is demanded by specific groups of users, typically non-GIS professionals. An extension has the ability to completely change the way AccuGlobe Desktop looks and functions. Available extensions include Data Explorer, Farmland Calculator, and Board of Elections.

A plugin is handled differently from an extension. Plugins can be loaded at any time using the Plugin Manager. More than one plug-in can run at any given time. Plugins do not change any of the core functionality of AccuGlobe Desktop, they only add functionality. Having an extension loaded does not prohibit the use of plugins. Sample plugins include the Pictometry plugin. Look for more downloadable plugins in the future!