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AccuGlobe 2007

The Professional Standard in Desktop GIS

AccuGlobe 2007Digital Data Technologies, Inc., is not your typical GIS company, because it’s not just any company that distributes to more than 25,000 users worldwide the fastest, most powerful, independently developed, free GIS application available. AccuGlobe® Desktop 2007 – an upgrade to our initial 2004 launch – evolved from the great fortune we’ve established in providing numerous government agencies with enhanced GIS solutions, like 9-1-1 emergency dispatch and data dissemination applications. While today’s GIS experts may not directly use AccuGlobe Desktop 2007, many of them still rely on its powerful ability to disseminate their data to a wider base. That is why we share this gift with the global GIS community as a means of promoting data exploration for users with all levels of experience.