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AccuGlobe 2007

AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 is more powerful than ever.

AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 software delivers even more of what you demand in a desktop GIS application. Not only is AccuGlobe Desktop 2007 more usable, it provides the user with greater functionality. The combination of Usibility and Functionality is what gives our clients, and anyone who wishes to freely download AccuGlobe Desktop 2007, greater freedom in the analysis of their spatial data.

Existing Features

Below are standard features included in AccuGlobe Desktop 2004

  • Supports ESRI Shapefile and MapInfo tables vector file formats
  • Supports MrSID, TIF and JPG raster file formats
  • Standard GIS functions such as pan, zoom and identify
  • Thematic mapping using interval and value themes
  • Feature labeling using label themes
  • Printing and plotting layout designer
  • Powerful charting wizard
  • Map legend allowing full control over layer order and symbolization
  • Basic geometry and attribute editing capability (Requires the Basic Editor plug-in, also included)
  • Attribute query builder
  • User defined map annotations, both text and shapes
  • Hyperlink other documents to map features
  • Powerful buffering tools
  • GPS (Requires the GPS plug-in)

New Features and Improvements

Below are new features that you can look forward to in AccuGlobe Desktop 2007

  • Real-time projection (both vector and raster)
  • Support for ECW raster layers
  • Support for JPEG 2000 layers
  • Support for PNG layers
  • Legend grouping - will support groups within groups
  • Dynamically show and hide whole or partial themes via legend
  • Edit multiple layers at the same time
  • No longer restricted to editing a single feature
  • Can modify attribute information in either identification window and attribute table
  • Incorporates a structure editor
  • Supports Undo/Redo
  • Can update X,Y attribute columns for point layers
  • Copy & Paste multiple attributes
  • Can dynamically add/remove fields while in edit mode
  • Sorting in attribute table
  • Reorder attribute column names
  • No longer restricted to a single attribute table
  • Enhanced calculation capabilities
  • Enhanced statistical evaluation
  • Multiple map support
  • Hotspots
  • Dockable components
  • Identification window shows differences between current and previously identified feature
  • Attribute data types are differentiated in attribute table & identification window
  • Built in script capability
  • Built in vector layer checker
  • Spatial index supports null geometries
  • Anti-alias support
  • Cropping of features to ensure that labels are visible when zoomed in
  • Managed spatial and attribute indexes
  • Enhanced database relates
  • Spatial Relate
  • Merge multiple layers into one
  • Halo effect for label themes
  • Integrate remote data with Web Mapping Service (WMS)